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By Jane Jenkins

Celebrating 150 years of Alice in Wonderland!

On 28, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In Business, Fun stuff, Shopping | By Jane Jenkins

Believe it or not, this year we celebrate Alice’s birthday (Alice from Alice in Wonderland that is)!
We have decided to enter a design competition with our new gift ideas. Tell us what you think of our ideas.

Etsy are running a competition in collaboration with the British Library and winners will be able to stock their gift items in the British Library Shop during the Alice exhibition in Autumn 2015. The British Library Shop currently stocks beautiful Alice in Wonderland gifts.

The British Library has made the original manuscript version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ‘Alice’s Adventures Under Ground‘ available to read online. Now everyone can enjoy it. A 90 page book written for Alice, one of the daughter of Rev. Charles Dodgeson (pen name Lewis Caroll) with beautiful illustrations.
Later this story was expanded in a book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with illustration by Sir John Tenniel.

The competition design brief is to create gift products based on the original manuscript. Think new interpretations of the themes and characters and fresh approaches to using the existing illustrations. It must fit with the British Library’s Shop mission: ‘Quirky gifts for the curious and literary-minded, inspired by the British Library’s treasures and exhibitions.’

This sounded like a fun challenge. So we put on our thinking caps whilst we read the manuscript and looking at the beautiful illustrations.
Perhaps we could come up with exciting products using our laser cutter? That was our starting point.

We want our products to remind people of the magical stories as well as inspire others to read them. Here are a few ideas we came up with:

Idea 1: Here are two examples of laser cut vignette window decorations. Using the laser cutter to cut out a stencil of the remastered drawing from the book. A phrase relating to the illustration has been added, this will also be a stencil cut out. This method would be suitable for some of the illustrations from the book.

Laser cut vignette 150mm window decoration


Idea 2: Here are two examples of printed vignette window decorations. These images have been remastered from the original illustrations. As a nice touch, a phrase relating to the illustration has been added. This method would be suitable for most of the illustrations from the book.

Vignette Sample1 Alice3


Idea 3: Engraving of the remastered drawings of the original illustration onto our black hip flasks. This method would be suitable for most of the illustrations from the book.

Wish us luck. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Let us know which you would like to be sold in the shop.
These items will be available in early Summer via our Etsy shop or by contacting us.






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