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Bladerunner neon sign – the perfect gift!

At Laserbean, we love a good party.  When a great friend said he was going to throw a Bladerunner themed party for his 50th, we were intrigued and excited, knowing just how much effort he typically puts into these things.  Then we started pondering about what would make the perfect present to give to him.  We decided building him his very own lifesize replicant was probably out of the question (although maybe next time!).

Still frame from Bladerunner film

Still frame from Bladerunner showing the kanji sign

After much debate, we settled on creating a great wall decoration and lamp for him, to mimic all the neon lit signs that are used through the Bladerunner film.  We figured it would not only make a great wall decoration at all times for him, but could add to the experience of the night’s party itself too.  There was one image from the film that he had referred to a lot, and we quickly decided to use this.   It can be seen in the background behind Harrison Ford in the screenshot here.

Laserbean - we had fun with this laser cut project!

Laserbean - we had fun with this laser cut project!

So we set about thinking about how to make this thing using nothing but our brains, hands and our high powered laser! Some EL lighting wire, ultra-bright LED strips, latex and much toil and sweat later, and the results can be seen in the main picture at top! Also, below you can see a picture of the birthday boy himself looking fantastic in full Bladerunner outfit, holding his gift. The kanji symbol on the sign means origin, and appears several times in the movie.

Light shining through the latex - a great effect!

Light shining through the latex - a great effect!

One happy birthday boy!

One happy birthday boy!

We are hoping to make a product range out of this type of illuminated sign, we’d love your comments below if this is the kind of thing you’d like. Also if you want a one off piece made like this, get in touch and we’d love to see what can be done!

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  1. Jen

    I’d love to buy one for a fellow geek.. Is this possible now?

    Great work btw.

    Jen X

    • Jen

      Better make that 2…..

      • Gareth Jenkins

        Thanks Jen! Great to hear you like it! We had a lot of fun putting this piece together. Jane is working hard on seeing how we can turn this into a good viable product. I hope to have some good news for you soon – will email you with some more information. – Gareth

  2. Patrick

    Fantastic! I’ve been dying for something like this from BladeRunner.I would be most interested in one that has the 3 kanjis as seen behind Decker reading the newspaper.
    Great work!

  3. William

    Hi Laserbean! This is really great. I am huge fan of Bladerunner and great lighting and I’d seriously like to purchase this item. Is that possible?

  4. hi i am intersted in your blade runner origin neon sign that you made for someone. could you make me one and how much do they go for and how long will it last before repairs etc. cheers

  5. hi mate are you still able to make one of these neon blade runner signs? and how long would it last? forgive me i have no idea about how these lights work. cheers

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