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Laser Cutting Services

At Laserbean, we pride ourselves on our expertise when it comes to providing a Laser Cutting and Engraving Service.

Our CO2 Laser Cutter has a working bed size of 960mm x 610mm, however material from suppliers may not be in these sizes. Please check the Materials Page for full list we can cut.

Here are some products that Laser Cutting can achieve:


Click here for our Design Guide to help set up your file/s with colours and line thickness ready for our laser cutter.
If you wish us to design from your drawings or want help in creating vector files, we offer preferential design rates bought with our cutting or engraving services.
Talk to us, our friendly designers are ready to help you with your ideas!


What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is a relatively quick process that gives a very detailed and accurate cut line.
Click the image to show a video of laser cutting a stencil that has very high detail. The video is speeded up by 10 times:

  • Your computer tells the laser cutter where to cut using vector file made using a vector software package (Example of Vector software packages are Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD and Inkscape are amongst the most popular).
    The vector lines are the paths that the laser cutter will cut. It is sometimes called vector cutting
  • The machine is set for the material (this setting is unique to the thickness and type of material) to provide an accurate cut.
    A powerful beam vaporise the material (which is magnified using a series of mirrors and lenses to provide the heat energy to cut at a certain focal depth.
  • We start the laser and extraction (we don’t want any horrible fumes) and follows the vector drawing cutting out the shape on screen and stops when the drawing is complete.

Sometimes there will be a kurf (a thickness of the path has been vaporised). This will be different for different materials and thicknesses.

If you have a similar project or one that requires laser cutting, get in contact with us.