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Laser Engraving Services

At Laserbean, we pride ourselves on our expertise when it comes to providing a Laser Engraving Service.

Our CO2 Laser Cutter has a working bed size of 960mm x 610mm, however material from suppliers may not be in these sizes. Please check the Materials Page for full list we can engrave.

Click here for our Design Guide to help set up your file/s with colours and line thickness ready for our laser cutter.
If you wish us to design from your drawings or want help in creating vector files, we offer preferential design rates bought with our cutting or engraving services.
Talk to us, our friendly designers are ready to help you with your ideas!

Here are some products that  Laser Engraving can achieve:



What is laser engraving?

Laser engraving is also known as laser marking or 3D engraving. It can be a slower process than laser cutting.
We provide several types of engraving, the type will depend on the type of material and effect:

Vector engraving
This works similar to Vector cutting, it uses the same paths, however the depth is reduced so that id does not cut all the way through. This is good to mark out lines in plywood or folds in polypropylene.

Raster Engraving
Areas are engraved using a bitmap image or a flattened vector file (no overlapping shapes).
Instead of using paths, the laser cutter vaporises the material like the movement of a printer, a line at a time.
The laser cutter can be set to make a surface engrave (surface marking) or engrave at depth.
The depth will depend on the type of material, however the deeper the engraving, the longer it will take. The laser head must cut slowly and cover more lines for a deeper engrave.
Not all materials can be engraved at depth.

3D Engraving
The laser cutting is able to engrave different depths from a greyscale image giving a 3D effect.
The process is fairly slow and works well on perspex, but can involve a lot of clean up.

Rotary Engraving (Using a Rotary Attachment)

Wood engraving machine

We have a Rotary Attachment for the laser cutter that allows us to engrave cylindrical products, such as our Metal bottles, cylindrical glassware, Wooden cylinders (pictured).
Product dimensions for rotary engraving:

rotary attachement dim

(1) Diameter of the object end to be fitted to the rubber cone pad is 56mm – 94mm. (2) Maximum diameter of object is 180mm. (3) Maximum length of object is 450mm. Maximum weight is 1 Kg.

If you have a similar project or one that requires laser engraving, get in contact with us.


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