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Stencil cutting service – make a stencil

Stencil cutting graffitiOne of the areas of work we really enjoy working on is laser cutting stencils. It amazes and inspires us to see the many fantastic creations our clients have made, combining their creativity and our laser cutting service. There is a very wide range of applications for stencil cutting, including:

> Events and promotional work
> Interior decorating
> Wall art stencil work and graffiti
> Industrial and product stenciling
> Branding and logo work
> Food stencils (such as cake and coffee)
> Marketing campaigns

Below you can see a range of examples of our work in stencil cutting. We can work with you in a variety of ways depending on your exact needs. The simplest is for you to provide us with finished drawings for us to cut. We can also however assist in converting your artwork into stencil ready formats.

If your stencil is very large, we can work with you to break it up into smaller segments which can be easily pieced together when you come to use them. In fact a recent project involved 250 stencils coming together to help create Europe’s largest piece of shareable art! You can see the lovely testimonial we got from our regular client who worked on that piece.


We typically use one of two materials, depending on the exact use you need the stencils for. We use either Mylar plastic sheet, or Stencil Card.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and get a quote!

** Click on images below to expand and see details about past projects **

Advertising and Promotional Stencils for Graffiti Life

Street Art stencil work

Chappie stencils – breaking records!

Graffiti-ing the Saatchi Gallery

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