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By Jane

Mysterious Lego Wall Art

On 07, Aug 2014 | No Comments | In Business, Fun stuff | By Jane

If you have been commuting or travelling from  Birmingham Moore Street or London Paddington rail stations, you might have seen one of the the Lego sprays in a Banksy-style that have appeared over night at Stations over the country.

Our friends at Graffiti Life asked us to help them with making stencils to help promote The Lego Movie release on DVD launch.

The Graffiti Life artists designed a street art parody, featuring Emmet, the main character of The Lego Movie,  in a Railway safety jacket  holding a heart shaped block, signed #LoveEmmet, like the famous Banksy stencil depicting a girl and her red heart shaped balloon. What a brilliant idea, and fun too!

We loved the film and saw it in cinema, we laughed so much especially with the song “Everything Is Awesome”,  because our Technical Director Gareth always says “Awesome!” and Emmet reminds us a little of Gareth for the first 37 seconds of the clip. Here’s the YouTube video for the scene to brighten up your day!

Here is their video of using stencils to make the wall art. Read more about the project on their blog.

Check our page about other Stencils for Grafitti Life.


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