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Advertising and Promotional Stencils for Graffiti Life Grafiti Stencil cut from Mylar by laser Advertising and Promotional Stencils for Graffiti Life Advertising and Promotional Stencils for Graffiti Life

Advertising and Promotional Stencils for Graffiti Life

We have been working with Graffiti Life for a few projects in and around London, making stencils that you are sure to have seen if you have been out and about.

Often we were surprised to stumble upon their work such as Sol beer wall in the Summer pop-up bar at the Red Gallery, we helped with making the small logos to sit around the main hand painted Sol mural.
You might have seen the their Lego sprays that have popped up randomly at Birmingham Moore Street or London Paddington rail stations. Check out their video of using stencils to make the wall art. 

The guys at Graffiti Life are energetic and shout creativity and skill, and they are lovely people too! We love their work and we support their motto: Graffiti is a Way of Life!

Check out Graffiti Life’s blog pages on other projects we have cut stencils for:

Football Polls “The Real Banksy“. Watch the video, it is brilliant!
Wall and Floor stencils for Nike’s launch of #riskeverything campaign, we think the sprays on walls and Astroturf pitch look amazing!
Annual party The Garage Event at the Saatchi Gallery. This looked a lot of fun painting the stencils in suits.

“Laserbean have been incredibly accommodating and reliable, never failing to deliver, even our most demanding of requests! Good customer service is really important to us, and Laserbean are always lovely to deal with, approachable and friendly, with the same person dealing with us start to finish on a job. Fast, friendly and always willing to go the extra mile, I’d thoroughly recommend them to anyone!”
- Iona, Project Manager at Grafitti Life


Garage Theme Wall by Graffiti Life

Source: Photos by Graffiti Life

Laserbean services

Business to Business Services in London for Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving. From our South London Studio, we can provide a wide range of design and manufacture services using pre-created digital files to cut or engrave, through to assisting with your design process and full expert consultancy. We use some of the top laser equipment available. So whether you’re a company, architect, craftsman or designer, small or large, we can help with prototyping, making components for projects, or provide company branding options by engraving or stencilling.

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