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Laser Cutting 3D Drawings for Studio Make Believe Laser Cutting 3D Drawings for Studio Make Believe

Laser Cutting 3D Drawings for Studio Make Believe

We love getting involved with interesting projects. Studio Make Believe asked us to help them in making a framed monochrome image which stood out from the background. We were happy to take on the design challenge!

This was our most detail and complex projects we have taken on. At first the project looked simple – Cut out the image file on the cut lines and retain all the parts in position for mounting. We opted for using coloured mount board which gave a nice mid-brown burnt edge. The cutting was straight forward.

The retrieval process proved a bit more difficult. The aim was to remove the whole cut out and keep all the pieces in position as a sheet. We had hundreds of pieces smaller than 10mm diameter and they fell through the grid of the laser cutter. To do this we used a special low tack tape to pick up the larger pieces. Then it was retrieving the small pieces under the cutting bed and plce them like a giant jigsaw.

The project was was fun, the result looked amazing and the folks at Studio Make Believe very happy with the outcome. There are even talks to make larger scale pieces in different materials . We would definitely say that larger would definitely be easier.

If you have a similar job, we are happy to try our hands at it. Large or small, get in touch and see what we can do for you!

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