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Laser Cut NikeSB Lightbox Laser Cut NikeSB Lightbox

Laser Cut NikeSB Lightbox

As part of the opening of the new Nike skateboard shop in London, we were asked to laser cut this sign that formed part of a counter top – with a lightbox beneath it.

An interesting project to create a lightbox cover using a lovely laser cut logo pieces of thin oak veneer. The light then shines up through the acrylic leaving the Nike logo in perfect silhouette. We love projects like this, and especially when it’s for a brand that we love.


Laserbean services

Laser cutting and laser engraving services in London for your business. From our South London studio, we can provide a wide range of design and manufacture services using pre-created digital files to cut or engrave, through to a full expert consultancy and assist with your design process. We use some of the top laser equipment available. We have experience in a very wide range of materials: laser cutting leather, fabrics, textiles, acrylic/Perspex, woods, card, rubber stamping and stencilling are just some of our material portfolio. Whether you’re a company, architect, craftsman or designer, small or large, we can help with prototyping, making components for projects, or provide branding options for your company products through engraving or stencilling.


  1. Hi,

    I would like to do my logo similarly to how youve done the piece for Nike SB.
    The piece of wood would need to be a 30cm square for one logo and 30x10cm for a type based logo.

    Speak soon, Alex.

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