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Millinery Accessories for Bee Smith

Millinery Accessories for Bee Smith

Bee Smith is a designer and maker of  hats for every occasion, including a full range of bridal accessories, from the wedding veil to the bridegroom’s tie.

Bee approached us to help her make a piece for a unique hat idea, that would be part of her 2014 Spring/Summer Collection.

She gave us a drawing of the piece to be laser cut from acrylic and we produced a file that we could cut from.

Much of Bee’s work has a nostalgic feel, capturing vintage glamour. Whether you are looking for English elegance or eccentricity, Bee Smith’s accessories offer a little of both. This particular hat was influenced by an acrobatic performance by Ockham’s Razor, an aerial theatre company.

We love this creation with the pearls and acrylic, it is mesmerising combination of traditional materials and modern.


Source: Photographs from Bee Smith Website


Laserbean services

Business to Business Services in London for Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving. From our South London Studio, we can provide a wide range of design and manufacture services using pre-created digital files to cut or engrave, through to assisting with your design process and full expert consultancy. We use some of the top laser equipment available. So whether you’re a company, architect, craftsman or designer, small or large, we can help with prototyping, making components for projects, or provide company branding options by engraving or stencilling.

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