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Traditional Wooden Japanese Characters Traditional Wooden Japanese Characters Traditional Wooden Japanese Characters

Traditional Wooden Japanese Characters

We were commissioned to make a traditional style wall hanging for a wedding gift from a loving husband to his Japanese wife. A project from brief to product, using traditional woodworking and finishing methods with the laser cutter and computer drawings.

Making a wall hanging with the 3 Kanji characters of the wife’s name was a challenge, as it was in another language. Good calligraphy is very important, so together with the wife’s relatives, we worked on the style and perfecting the shape characters on the computer.

The brief specified that the Kanji would be made in thick Walnut which floated in a thick set Walnut timber box frame to cast shadows on the white silk background.
We used the laser cutter to cut the characters. They were varnished to show the sheen of the wood.

We designed a box frame that had multiple layers to provided the thickness and could support the two 2 panels of glass, and silk lined back panel.
Our talented carpenter friend, Sally Jones made the frame for us.

We enjoyed designing and making this project as it used many of our skills, so if you hav e a similar project, we welcome new design challenges.


Laserbean services

Laser cutting and laser engraving services in London for your business. From our South London studio, we can provide a wide range of design and manufacture services using pre-created digital files to cut or engrave, through to a full expert consultancy and assist with your design process. We use some of the top laser equipment available. We have experience in a very wide range of materials: laser cutting leather, fabrics, textiles, acrylic/Perspex, woods, card, rubber stamping and stencilling are just some of our material portfolio. Whether you’re a company, architect, craftsman or designer, small or large, we can help with prototyping, making components for projects, or provide branding options for your company products through engraving or stencilling.

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