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Travel game with a touch of class Travel game with a touch of class Travel game with a touch of class

On 06, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In | By Jane Jenkins

Travel game with a touch of class

Board games never looked so elegant with this beautiful board game. It looks like blue slate, though a lot lighter and can be played at an angle up to 30% and withstand small knocks – no more “game over” when you go over those bumps! We worked with a fellow designer, DesignerZen to reproduce the classic Japanese board game, Goban (Go). The original game is played on a very large table made from a wooden slab with small feet with a 19×19 grid painted on top. The board must be able to hold 100’s of dragee counters. We wanted a travel version to be displayed and be a talking point.

A 19×19 grid game of Goban can last several hours and there was a common problem of someone knocking the board and the game counters would shift. As soon as this happened, the game was over. We found travel versions that used pegs and were not a quality to be displayed.

We used a product design approach to the project. Our brief was to design a travel Goban board that would be “knock proof”. The board had to be light enough to be taken in a courier or DJ bag. A smaller board would reduce the playing time and number of pieces too.

We designed a 13×13 grid game, but the grid was still very large with current counters. We changed the counters for small marbles, which allowed us to reduce the grid and board size.

We found a lightweight material that was durable (as it would be taken on travels) but of high quality to display. Acrylic was not suitable. Black MDF is non-toxic, lightweight, waterproof and looks like slate when it is polished, as well as being a good material to machine engrave and laser engrave – perfect for our needs.

The board shows an engraved grid, pattern detail and routed divets for the marbles to be held. The game would take 1-2 hours to play and can be played at an angle of 30 degrees also withstanding light knocks.

A smaller 7×7 grid board was also made for a quick 30 minute game with a tattoo border. The marble looked particularly good in chrome and bronze . Perhaps the game could be used on a ferry ride to your next destination or on display in your house?


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