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By Jane Jenkins

Rotary Engraving Wooden Spray Cans

On 15, Sep 2014 | No Comments | In Business, Fun stuff, Products in use | By Jane Jenkins

We were so excited to help a fellow designer to bring a product to market. ZicsDesign approached us to see if we were able to engrave onto a cylindrical surface.
We have had similar projects of engraving champagne flutes and wine glass engraving, so we were confident in this type of engraving.

The wooden cylinders were turned by Thibaut Malet (a very skilled carpenter) made from a beautiful Cherry Wood. Cherry has a light ray (wood cells between the growth rings) with a pinkish grain (growth rings) and the engraving turned out better than we imagined.

We found a useful discovery when engraving with a wooden cylinder, compared to glass engraving and wood sheet engraving. The end grain engraved with a deeper shade than the ray, therefore producing a higher quality if the engraving was placed where the lines were closer together. The grain burns much more quicker than the ray, and therefore will give a darker engraving.

Click on image to see Engraving Video

Spray Can Collection

Spray Can Collection (Source: ZicsDesign)

Here is a quick video If you have a similar project, or any engraving on lightweight cylindrical items such as glassware or flat glass/wood sheets, get in touch and see what we can do for you!

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