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What’s a laserbean?

According to one answer posted on a Q/A site:

Laser beans are nutritious but dangerous vegetables of the legume family, known for their protein content and high-energy emissions of coherent light.

We’ve tried cooking with this form of Laserbean, and barely survived to tell the tale!

Our Laserbean is not however named after this wildly dangerous delicacy…

Our beans are our creative ideas, brought dazzlingly to life through injection of our laser. We also seek out the idea beans of others, and aim to help nurture and grow them to reach their full potential. We’ll read stories, and even sing to our little beans if need be (before we zap them with lasers).

In our searching for other uses of “Laserbean”, we also came across this awesome video clip with some pretty great music.. Of course at Laserbean we have to do this every morning just to get into the studio!